Youth Corner

Welcome to the Youth Corner! A place where you can learn about poverty and get involved with our youth missions.

About Poverty

DId you know that 26,000 people die each and every day due to global poverty? It is very sad that half the world lived on under $2.50 a day, which is MUCH less than what we live on each day. People who are poverty stricken do not have money for health care, education or most any other essential part of life that we take advantage of. We have money for all of these things... Imagine living as a poor child, going without even the basics like shelter, food and clean drinking water. We need to take a stand, make a difference and END GLOBAL POVERTY.

Next Youth Mission

Where: Kenya

What: Building Homes

When: July 9th - August 20th, 2012

Why: To provide shelter for those who otherwise would go without.

(Please Note, This page is under construction. The Sign-Up Link is not currently active. Check back shortly to register for this Youth Mission!)