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World Fasting Day

Would you give one day of your life so that 3 billion others could survive another day? What about a dime?
On October 8th, 2009, Rahim and Amyn Mawani will be doing just that by participating in what we hope will become a globally recognized event called World Fasting Day.

Main Entry: fast
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fæstan
Date: before 12th century

1 : to abstain from food
2 : to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods
Definition courtesy of merriam-webster.com

Bread and clean water... a LUXURY we take advantage for each day. Over 3 billion people in the world don't have access to even the simplest of meals.

As per the definition, Rahim & Amyn, along with their family, friends and countless other supporters will refrain from eating throughout the day and in turn, take the money that was saved and put it towards providing a meal to someone who is so poverty stricken, they have no choice but to fast every day of their life.

The money that Rahim, Amyn and their supporters will raise will surely make a difference, but we want to think bigger! Imagine if all of Canada and beyond participated in this event? If every person in Canada alone donated 10 cents a year, our goal of raising 3.5 million dollars annually for putting an end to poverty would be met. Imagine the incredible impact that would have on the quality of life that 26,000 children a day don’t even survive long enough to experience?

We propose a challenge for you and people all over the world. Just once a year, make the choice to walk a day in the life of someone less fortunate than yourself.  Sacrifice for a day so that so billions of others won’t have to.

We have freedom to get an education. We have freedom to obtain shelter. We have the freedom to eat and maintain our health. We have the freedom to care for our children. World Fasting Day will give these simple freedoms we take for granted every day back to those who have lost them because of extreme poverty.

We don’t all have the choice as to whether or not we will live in extreme poverty, but we do have the choice to embark on a mission of enhancing over 3 billion lives by putting an end to global poverty. Rahim and Amyn have made their decision. Will you?

Your voice can make a world of difference for poverty-stricken people around the globe.

Sign our online petition to join our movement. We thank you and look forward to your continuous support.



Questions & Answers

How did it begin?

In 2008, Amyn decided that he wanted to give his birthday gifts and money to the poor. After discussing with the family, he came up with an idea of creating a remembrance day for those individuals living in poverty. This came to be World Fasting Day, on his birthday, October 8th - dedicating this day to the poor.


What is fasting?

When you fast, you are abstaining from food for the period of the day.


What is the significance?

The remembrance translates into a focal day for the world community to reflect on the 3 Billion people living on under $3 a day, and the 26,000 children dying daily due to extreme poverty related causes.


Where is it today?

Currently, World Fasting Day is an initiative that we have put through the parliament and in the process of becoming officially recognized in Canada.


What is our vision?

Our vision is to make the World Fasting Day initiative official in every nation of the world.


What can I do on this day?

On this day - you fast from sunrise to sunset, remembering the people living in poverty. You can donate the money that you save from purchasing food, to the End To Global Poverty Foundation. The funds collected on this day will go directly to international development initiatives worldwide.