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Hello, and Welcome to the End To Global Poverty Website. My name is Rahim Mawani. My nine year old brother Amyn & I are on a mission to engage the world in our initiative to ending global poverty.

Many wonder why we take a strong stand against poverty at such a young age. The media and well known organizations that are currently working to alleviate poverty were incredibly beneficial to our understanding of this mission. Also, hearing the stories of how our parents began their lives in poverty had a crucial impact. My Father was born and raised through poverty in Kenya, and my mother had emigrated from Uganda during the time of Idi Amin. I have also visited countries like Kenya and Cuba, witnessing the ultra poor with my own eyes. Gaining knowledge from all these sources and with the support of our parents, my brother Amyn and I decided to get involved, doing our part in putting an end to poverty.

Children in a poverty-stricken community in Kenya.

Everyone has an obligation in life. Not an obligation as an individual, but as a community. Whether we live in the western world or in a developing country, we are all socially responsible for one another. Man is God's most noble creation and we must protect and uphold his dignity. Martin Luther King once had a dream, a dream for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for peace and civil rights. These inspiring heroes have left a clear definition of our role in society. As an ambassador for the World Partnership Walk, I am enlightened and honoured to say that I am ready to do my part in changing the world... For the better.

The World Partnership Walk is Canada's largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds towards ending global poverty. The last Walk took place on Sunday, May 25th, 2008. Organized by volunteers in nine cities across the country, the Walk attracts tens of thousands of Canadians who come together to make a difference in the world. All funds raised go directly to The Aga Khan Foundation of Canada, a non-profit international agency that supports social development programs in Asia and Africa. As a member of the world-wide Aga Khan Development Network, the Foundation works to address key issues of poverty, such as health care, education and rural development. The entire initiative receives additional support from major donors such as (CIDA) the Canadian International Development Agency.

26,000 Children, just like this little girl, die on a daily basis due to extreme poverty related causes. We say it's time for a change!

One important advantage of fundraising with the World Partnership Walk is forming a team of volunteers dedicated to making a difference. My brother Amyn and I have created a team called End To Global Poverty. With the support of our family, friends and people in our community, we have been able to successfully raise well over $12,000. This experience has opened the doors to embarking on a lifetime journey of our campaign to end poverty. The key objectives that we are focused on are creating awareness, raising funds, and being united as part of the solution to extreme poverty.

We have learned that there are distinct differences between the poor and the ultra poor. Here in Canada, the poor have access to health care, they have access to education and they have access to shelter. The ultra poor in developing countries do not have access to any of these basic life necessities. Our lifetime goal is dedicated to helping the three billion people who live on less than $2 a day. The war in Iraq has cost the U.S. Government well over $850 Billion Dollars and that dollar amount is still increasing rapidly each day. Imagine if the same amount of money which was used to fund the war was put towards better causes... Would we still have a food crisis in the third world? The cost of food worldwide has sky rocketed and currently in Ghana, locally produced rice is not in the market because they are only making 30% of what is required. These citizens are relying on imported rice which has increased in price and 26,000 children world-wide die daily due to hunger and starvation. Money is spent more on ending lives rather than saving them. Our message to all government leaders is to pick your battles wisely.

Currently, as we've begun our campaign, we have made life time goals as a part of our Golden Jubilee pledge to His Highness the Aga Khan. One goal is to raise 10 cents per Canadian which is 3.5 Million Dollars annually. Our life time total goal is $99 Billion Dollars. We know it is a huge target, but we are ready to start small and grow together with our supporters and socially responsible Canadian citizens. As I had mentioned before, we all have an obligation no matter where we live in the world. It was John F. Kennedy who once said, “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. We have a great economic society and I say it’s about time we take advantage of it.

A key factor in achieving our goal is creating awareness, and one way to facilitate that is by having Canada as the first country in the world to dedicate a specific day annually, October 8th, to the ultra poor called “World Fasting Day”. This would be a great opportunity in the spirit of Thanksgiving Day. Our challenge to each Canadian citizen is to fast for a day and feel the pain of hunger and donate the money you save that day to the less fortunate. Another critical step in the whole process is to take our movement to the Canadian Parliament and the United Nations. This then becomes a Canadian solution to creating global awareness for the ultra poor. We invite you join our movement and sign our online petition which we will then take to the Parliament. Knowing that we are all interdependent in this global village, I believe it is time to take serious action in favour of this worthy cause.

Thank You,

Rahim Mawani
End To Global Poverty Foundation  - Co-Founder

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