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Interview by Bob Chassels, Amyn at Age 7

In the year 2024, Amyn Mawani will be 25 years old. As a proud Canadian, he has the strong desire to help people... Not only in our great Nation, but all countries worldwde. Currently, his efforts are focused on his incredible visions of ending global poverty. For the future, this remarkable young man aspires to be the Prime Minister of Canada.

"My Brother Rahim and I want this web site to portray and promote our ideas and dreams for our family, community and country."

Q) Amyn, you are 8 years old. What are your favourite subjects at school?

A) I like art, also math, and I am learning French.

Q) What do you do for fun?

A) I love soccer, playing with my friends, and talking to my family and friends. I have attended the Credit Valley Montessori School since 2002, and I enjoy playing the piano.

Q) Have you thought about going to university?

A) Yes, I think I will go to York University and study law. That is a long time from now.

Q) How are you going to be Prime Minister of Canada?

A) After University, I hope to get elected to the Canadian parliament; from there I will be ready to be Prime Minster.

Q) Why do you want to be Prime Minister of Canada?

A) I would like everybody in Canada, and the rest of the world, to live in peace. There is too much war, poverty and suffering. As the Prime Minister, I will try very hard to make the world a better place.


Amyn is a participant in many local, regional and national causes.

I am interested in all world news, but it makes me sad that there are still people hungry and suffering in wars.

There must be a way that we in Canada can help those people and countries. I am not sure how I can do that yet, but if you join me in my goal of becoming Prime Minister, then together we can do something positive.

Two things are important for me to achieve my goals. I want to learn how to manage conflicts and I have to build relationships. I cannot do this alone. It is with friends, family and associates that I (we) can make a difference.

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