Our Gratitude

First and foremost, we give our utmost thanks to His Highness the Aga Khan, our spiritual leader  and founder of the Aga Khan Development Network (Click here to see AKDN web site). We thank our parents for their love and encouragement. They’ve given us incredible guidance throughout our entire lives and continuously support our ambitions. Also, we give our extended appreciation to our family and friends who have helped us along our journey.
Amyn & Rahim Mawani (Co-Founders)

In addition, the End To Global Poverty Team would like to thank the following:

Bob Chassels who helped start our online initiative (Click here).

Salim Khoja of The Power Within, who sparked our motivational interest in public speaking (Click here).

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to Aida Memisevic, our first media coach (Click here).

The Hon Peter Fonseca (MPP), Minister of Tourism for Ontario, has continuously provided Amyn Mawani, at the age of 7 with strong encouragement in this endeavour and for that, we hold him high in our thoughts. (Click here)

Most importantly, our hearts go out to all donors, supporters and well wishers - thank you for believing in us and doing your part to ending global poverty.



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