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It all began one extremely cold evening while walking into a raptors basketball game in Toronto. Passing the homeless in such frigid temperatures, the rest of the evening Amyn couldn’t get his mind off of those less fortunate. On their way out when both the brothers shared their own food with some of them, hearing the words “God bless you” left a lasting impression in their minds. Inspired by the Aga Khan, a philanthropist that has influenced their lives to such a point, the only thing to do was respond to this call for action.

Currently the brothers have begun their 2009 campaign for the World Partnership Walk’s 25th Anniversary. Simultaneously, what sets them apart from other charitable organizations is their unique mission to influence parliaments around the world in proclaiming October 8th as “World Fasting Day”. This would act as a focal point in remembering the three billion people living on under $3 a day and the 26,000 children dying daily due to extreme poverty related causes. As the popular advocate against poverty, Bono says that this crisis is “not just a cause, it is an emergency”. The first step has been taken in the Canadian parliament, working with Members of Parliament and influential Senators, creating a bill to have World Fasting Day recognized officially and globally.

We are the first generation that can End Global Poverty in our lifetime – and because we can, we must. The foundations fund raising goal, set by Amyn, is 99 billion dollars – but this is not about charity alone, it is about justice. Everyone has an obligation in life. Not an obligation as an individual, but as a community. Whether we live in the western world, or in a developing country, we are all socially responsible for one another. Man is God's most noble creation and we must protect and uphold his dignity. Martin Luther King once had a dream, a dream for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for peace and civil rights. These inspiring heroes have left a clear definition of our role in society.

We have learned that there is a distinct difference between the poor, and the ultra poor. Here, in Canada, the poor have access to health care, education and shelter. The ultra poor, in developing countries do not have access to any of these basic necessities. It was John F. Kennedy who once said, “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. Knowing that we are all interdependent in this global village, we believe it is time to take action to this worthy cause.

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